Yankee Duchess - a royal bloodline

In foal: barren


Queen Paige has no offsprings

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Successful horses - maternal line

  • Muscle Hill $ 3,318,682

  • Windsong's Legacy $ 1,921,088

  • Gimpanzee $ 1,795,386

  • Met's Hall $ 1,349,176

  • Yankee Glide $ 506,904

  • Hey Blondie $ 502,580



Queen Paige was purchased at the Lexington Selected Yearling Sale in 2018. She had some soundness issues and we decided early to bring her to the breeding shed. We purchased her mainly with the belief to have a great broodmare for many years to come.

She is a three quarter sister to Steamy Windows (Muscle Massive), who is the dam of the phenomenal Gimpanzee (Chapter Seven) $1,8 millions.

The maternal line is the best there is. Her second dam Mets Rival is a sister to Champion Muscle Hill $3,3 millions, and also the dam of Met’s Inn $200,313. Met’s Inn herself is the dam of Met’s Hall $1,349,176.

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