Born: 25/3 2020

Sex: Colt


  • Colt

  • Bay

  • Born 25/3 2020  at Silvåkra Gård


Successful horses - maternal line

  • Offshore Dream €1.992.024

  • Tornado Bello €1.010.580

  • Egon Lavec 5.701.701 SEK

  • Yield Boko 4.856.534 SEK

  • Marseille $479,459

  • Speedy Somolli $427,550

  • Turbo Sund 3.583.253 SEK

  • Rome Pays Off $359,072


Monk's Hood - also known as Hoodie is a very energetic guy. He is totally unafraid, but thankfully gets right from wrong. 

This Muscle Mass-son has the looks from his broodmare sire Viking Kronos. He is light built with long legs and has that typical bay color like many of the Viking's offsprings. 

Magnolia Lavec descends from a great maternal line, Somolli. The cross Muscle Mass on Viking Kronos-dam has for example resulted in the super talented Guzz Mearas.

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