Allegro - top maternal line

In foal: Tactical Landing

To 2021: Bar Hopping



Successful horses - maternal line

  • Offshore Dream €1.992.024

  • Tornado Bello €1.010.580

  • Egon Lavec 5.701.701 SEK

  • Yield Boko 4.856.534 SEK

  • Marseille $479,459

  • Speedy Somolli $427,550

  • Turbo Sund 3.583.253 SEK

  • Rome Pays Off $359,072


Magnolia Lavec is a top bred mare by Viking Kronos with Somolli as fourth dam. Her dam Habit Lavec is a sister to Egon Lavec 5,7 MSEK.


The maternal line continously produce world class horses. Hambletonian Champion Speedy Somolli, twice Orix d’Amerique Champion Offshore Dream, Yield Boko, Chelsea Boko, Marseille (born 2016), Rome Pays Off (born 2017) and Swedish top two year old Global Badman (born 2017) all descend from Somolli.

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