These are the terms and conditions between you as a buyer/user and Lina Alm Racing Media, for purchase of sale video and other videos for public view. 


Lina Alm Racing Media reserves to have the right to make  changes in these terms and conditions. Such changes can be made at any time. The current terms and conditions are always published at the website.


By clicking "Submit" at the form the User is confirming that he or she agrees to the current terms and conditions.


Links to external sites such as ASVT, Kolgjini and Yearling Sale is provided by the User.



The videos are delivered in the shape of download links. 

The User, by the current limitations for by that time copyright regulations agrees to following:

  • Is allowed to use the videos unlimited number of times.

  • The files - or the context of the files - is not allowed to be copied or awarded to someone else.

  • The files - or the context of the files -  can not be sold in any form.

  • It's not allowed to make a screenshot of the video to make and publish a photo.

  • The video can not be published at any other Vimeo or YouTube-channel without permission. 

  • The video can not be edited or cut. It can only be used and published in it's original form.


The copyright for the files and all content of the video appertain to Lina Alm Racing Media. The User commits to continuously stay informed about any changes or addition in copyright law and regulations. 

The User should hold Lina Alm Racing Media free from any form of compensation if the downloaded files are used in violation with these terms and conditions.



The User should pay for videos according to the agreement. The price is cleared by the order confirmation. Travel expenses will be added.



The video is delivered according to the agreement made at the film set after the videos are filmed. 



Terms, conditions and guidelines and descriptions of the routines regarding filming and other relevant information is published at the website. The User commits to read and inform themselfs about such information and to follow  the instructions at the current time. Read Production.



Lina Alm Racing Media has routines for continuous back-up and other IT-safety precautions but loss of data can not be precluded. The user is encouraged to reassure to download and archive the videos.



According to agreements and registration at the website in conjunction with booking a videosession, the User provide personal information. As the User approves with the terms and conditions the User agrees that Lina Alm Racing Media manages such information in order to fulfill the duties and exercise rights in conjunction with the Users order of a video.

The Users data will be filed as long as the contractual relationship between the User and Lina Alm Racing Media consists and for some time after if it is necessary for Lina Alm Racing Media to be able to fulfill the residual duties or exercise the rights against the User.



Lina Alm Racing Media is not to be held responsible, under any circumstances, for any injuries - neither direct, indirectly or consequential - due to filming.



If any questions should arise for the reason of the terms and conditions or any other question, the User is welcome to contact Lina Alm Racing Media.