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Lina Alm

Lina founded LA Racing Media in 2014. She has worked with horses and trotting all her life and has through her partner Thomas developed a great interest in breeding. Lina worked for many years in Natural Horsemanship and spent a lot of time in the US on various ranches where she worked with young horse management.

She has also been working as a scout for SRF Stable since 2015.

During the spring and summer, you will find Lina behind the camera or at the editing table.

Thomas Moberg

Thomas has extensive experience and knowledge in the race. He already worked as a teenager as a groom for Håkan Walner in the USA. Later in life he started Kronos together with Antonio Carraretto and thus bred Viking Kronos. Thomas also has assignments from SRF Stable where he is responsible for breeding. Thomas is involved in most film assignments and is involved in the planning of the hectic film season.

Get in touch with us if you want to look at one of our breedings!

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