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Några av mina nöjda kunder genom åren....

Lutfi Kolgjini
Trainer & Breeder

I’ve had Lina Alm videoing my yearlings for a number of years now and it will continue. She has the knowledge to present and produce yearlingvideos at the top of that profession.

Her accuracy, ambition and creative ideas are something I appreciate.


Stefan Melander
Stall TZ

We aimed to achieve as high a quality of the films as the Americans have.

I even built a bespoke movie garden!

Lina met the high expectations with flying colors and I am super happy with our collaboration.

Bernie Norén

Bernie Norén
Agent and scout

Making an auction video is very important as you can see how the horse moves. As a scout for young horses, this is an important thing to check and makes my job much easier to find a star. Lina Alm has become one of the world's best at this as her videos are very professionally made. I strongly recommend all breeders to use Lina's services, you can only benefit from it.