Ms Stone & All I Wish-3-web.jpg

Born: 15/5 2020

Sex: Filly


  • Filly

  • Brown

  • Born 15/5 2020  at Silvåkra Gård

  • Staked to Breeders Crown



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Successful horses - maternal line

  • Maven $ 2,005,369

  • Uncle Peter $ 1,294,413

  • Little Brown Fox $ 1,179,826

  • Harmonious $ 1,036,392

  • Barn Doll $ 949,721

  • Only Take Cash $ 688,311

  • Treasure Kronos 4,964,492 SEK

  • Mascate Match € 245,634


All I Wish has the typical Bar Hopping model, with its extremely long legs, fine crosses and depth. She is very forward and fearless.

Egyptian Jody is a frequent recurring mother when pedigree analysis is done by the best horses. She was born in 1968 and was a good competition horse, but it is primarily her daughters who brought the breeding forward. Rhapsody In Blue and B.Diana's Lindy produced the dollar millionaires Harmonious (Hambletonian winner) and Probing. Ivory Coast is the mother of the Swedish millionaires Calle Karsk and Baron Karsk.


From her blood also come the Elite Racehorses Uncle Peter, Maven and Truculent. Other top horses are Mascate Match, Treasure Kronos, Modern Family, Flirtin Miss and Flirtin Man to name a few.


The dam Ms Stone has previously produced the millionaire and 1.09 trotter Rushmore Face (Joke Face). Her three-year-old offspring Warrior's Tale (Raja Mirchi) is ready for qualifying and her two-year-old son Alpha Dog (Southwind Frank), which was sold at auction in 2020 for SEK 550,000, is praised by coach Markus Svedberg.


Father Bar Hopping (Muscle Hill) got a rocket start in breeding last year with his first litter with the litter tops In Range $ 411,003, Pub Crawl $ 225,725 and world record holder Arnold N Dicky $ 152,468.

With Bar Hopping as the father, "Allie" has a very interesting tribe with the fantastic Muscle Hill blood in combination with Enjoy Lavec (same cross as Green Manalishi).