I film and photograph your horse in 2021 !

Auktionshästar i hage
Choose what type of video that fit your needs!

Please note that the photo in Plus is only included as part of the film. If you want to use your photo separately, you should book Premium.

Customers' favorite!

A very affordable offer with film and photographs!

Very popular for this year's (2020) online auctions. Leg posture photography has been much appreciated!

A complete solution for marketing your horse. Film in walk and trot, as well as photography of the exterior around.

Sale videos from 2020 auctions

Lina Alm och avelssto

Breeding of horses ...

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Some of my satisfied customers over the years ....

Lutfi Kolgjini

Trainer and breeder

I’ve had Lina Alm videoing my yearlings for a number of years now and it will continue. She has the knowledge to present and produce yearlingvideos at the top of that profession.

Her accuracy, ambition and creative ideas are something I appreciate.

Barley Fields


Frequently asked questions

LA Racing Media has many years of experience in filming auction horses. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Lina Alm

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